Who is Share'ngo?

Makers, this is what we are, people who shape a new world of mobility where cars are no longer privately owned and car sharing is a pleasurable daily habit. There is no place for carbon emissions, traffic congestion and noise pollution. It’s a silent revolution.

It is more than just a car

The Share'ngo electric cars are all you need for the city and more. It’s an fast and convenient mode of transport, connected to the city through the onboard computer and navigation system which recommends routes, but also offers advice on nearby offers and smart stops.
Share'ngo is close to you. It takes you speedily and silently to whichever urban location you need to reach, at a price so low and a driving experience so pleasurable, that using a private car becomes redundant.

  • 85 km/h maximum speed
  • 300 litre car boot
  • 2 seater drive
  • Parking sensors
  • Onboard navigation system
  • Onboard stereo sound

A quickly evolving global project

An eight year-long passion for technological advancement has allowed Share'ngo to bring a fleet of 1500 ZD cars to your door. These cars are a common good, please treat them with care. We are constantly working to improve the cars and the service. Prepare yourselves to see ever surprising aesthetic and functional changes, like the integration of an onboard environmental data-gathering system used to inform local authorities of noise, air and traffic pollution. Adapting the car to host independent Wi-Fi routers also hosts a wealth of opportunities for the future.

  • 120km of autonomy
  • A telecommunication device… on wheels
  • Connected to the city
  • An experiential driving solution

Everywhere in Europe

We imagine a Europe scattered with Share'ngo cars parked at railway stations, supermarkets, underground stops and bike sharing posts, anywhere that makes public transport less polluting and more interconnected.
With this ambition in mind, we will soon be offering the ZD cars for personal use and for small group sharing programmes whether among colleagues, neighbours, family or friends.

  • We are ready to expand our vehicle sharing presence and service worldwide.
  • Part of the new mobility hubs that connects all forms of sustainable transport, from public underground services, to train stations and more
  • An ally to anyone wishing to take part in the sharing economy through group car ownership

At Share'ngo, we are all this and more. We’re the silent revolution.