Share’ngo is convenient for you and beneficial for your city

It’s good for the environment and for your wallet

A non-electric city car produces harmful pollutants and an average of 15 grams of CO2 per km – and costs around €3000-€3500 just for insurance, taxes, maintenance and fuel.
By using our car sharing you're saving the environment and our planet. Additionally, you can spend more money, since our electric car is cheaper than the regular cars.

More spacious and greener cities

Today, all cars in the city occupy about 10% of the available space and stand still for 95% of their time: wouldn't the city be nicer with much fewer cars like in Paris or Berlin? If you use Share'ngo, you can leave your own car, or try to drive less for a while, and see how much time you'll save when searching for a parking space.

No more parking tickets!

We're all tired of parking tickets! Even though we deserve them. And often our work, our home, the cinema and the favorite restaurant are in the environmental zone where you can not enter and park. With electric car sharing, you can forget about parking tickets and avoid any unhappy surprises. There is free entry even into environmental zones, free parking in public pay-to-park spots and resident-reserved areas.

A noiseless (and fun) driving experience

The electric car is good for our soul… and our health. It frees the city from harmful greenhouse gasses and deafening noise pollution, making it more liveable. And you’ll be surprised by how easy and fun they are to drive; a city-mobile with all the functionalities you need.