How Share'ngo works?

1. Registration is fast and simple

Subscribe to share’ngo in just a few minutes through this page. All you need is your driver’s licence, fiscal code and a bank card (credit, debit or prepaid). Registration costs €5 and comprises 30 minutes of driving time, as well as the official Share'ngo card (to open the car without your smartphone) sent straight to your door.

2. Book and drive in under a minute

Search for the nearest car to you and book it up to 15 minutes to reach it. You can book it through our iOS or Android developed app.

3. Easy and fun to drive!

Share'ngo’s electric car is easy and fun to drive. Features include 120km of autonomy, a maximum speed of 85km/hr, the performance advantages typical of electric vehicles and the comfort of a small city car. The Share'ngo car is automatic and has parking sensors, led lights, electric windows, airconditioning, stereo and navigation system.

4. It takes you (almost) everywhere

You can drive (almost) everywhere, even in the environmental zone. Our service is active in Rotterdam. More cities will follow later, such as The Hague, Amsterdam and Utrecht. Each city has an operational area where you can find our cars. You are able to drive outside the operational area, but you always have to close the ride within the operational area. Additionally, you are not allowed to drive on the highway or other special roads, like bus lanes.

5. Park for free, wherever you like

No more parking tickets! With Share’ngo cars, you can park wherever you like, for free, both in resident-reserved parking areas and public paid parking lots. Also, you never have to worry about recharging them. We’ll handle that.

6. Easy payment method, pay only when you use it

Share’ngo has a personal rate: the more you use it, the cheaper the rate. Every ride is debited from your bank account. You can check your trips and payments on your private account.